Low-energy Rare Isotope Beam (LERIB) project

The LERIB Front End containing the ion source and target assembly was delivered from Legnaro, Italy and assembled in the RIB Off-line Laboratory in S- block where initial tests will be conducted with 50 keV stable beams. A short analysis beam line is being constructed as well. Once completed, the off-line laboratory will be used to serve the LERIB project as far as beam transport, ionisation techniques, target development and system testing is concerned.

The preliminary design of the new 850 m2 building for the LERIB project is now taking shape and negotiations have already started with external service providers to assist with budget preparations and detail design. The building will be constructed on the north-eastern side of the accelerator complex between the main accelerator hall (A-block) and the hospital buildings. A 66 MeV proton beam delivered from the SSC via the P-line will be the driver for the LERIB project.

Figure: LERIB Building

Figure: LERIB Front End