From the Director’s Board (06/03/2017)

As February dies, and March is born, quietly, the site of our laboratory iThemba LABS has remained one busy hive of activity.

  • Technical milestones (as highlighted elsewhere) have been realized on the installation schedule of our new Tandetron accelerator in the Materials Research Department. Management remains calmly confident that looming more visibly on the horizon than ever before must be the much awaited celebratory moment of beam on target.
  • The management team has for the better part of the past few weeks been kept intensively busy facilitating the NRF application process which must soon culminate with the appointment of a SARChI Chair at iThemba LABS. Following a thorough consultation with departmental managers, iThemba LABS filed to the NRF three equally thorough proposals to host a SARChI Chair. The NRF is introducing the SARChI Chairs for National Facilities to augment “Research, Development and Innovation capacity of National Research Facilities in order to enhance production of high quality postgraduate students and scientific research outputs”.
  • A major building renovation project is scheduled to commence soon at the main gate entrance. While the renovation work is not expected to result in major perturbation on the smooth flow of staff and students in and out of the site, there might be moments when the gate entrance would feel or resemble a construction site. What little inconvenience we may have to contend with (during the period) is not expected to last
  • The management board has discussed and agreed on the need to put together a project review team which would convene on a regular basis to conduct project review sessions.
From the Director’s Office

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