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E-Greeting Card for 2017

An e-greeting card was designed for distribution to collaborators, partners and suppliers at the start of 2017.


Scientific and Technical News

2017 marks 30 years of operation of the Separated Sector Cyclotron.
A celebratory event is being planned for later in the year.

The neutron physics group from the nuclear physics department of iThemba LABS hosted a Neutron metrology workshop on 16 February. The current collaboration is between iThemba LABS – NMISA – UCT (SA), IRSN (France), PTB (Germany). The collaboration’s first objective is to assess the possibility of upgrading the quasi-monoenergetic neutron beam facility of iThemba LABS to meet the requirements of a metrology facility for neutron beams in the energy range of 30 MeV – 200MeV. There were presentations and discussions on technicalities around achieving this objective. Amongst those attending the workshop were Dr Faiçal Azaiez (iThemba LABS director), Dr Jörn Stenger (Deputy President PTB), Dr Wynand Louw (Research Director, NMISA), Dr Andy Buffler (Physics Department, UCT), and Mr Nndwakhulu Mukhufhi (CEO, NMISA).

Communications Team

Meet the Communications Team:

The Director has put together a Communications Team to drive communications for iThemba LABS, both internally and externally – to improve visibility of iThemba LABS and to improve communication to staff.

The members of this team are:

Dr Faiҫal Azaiez

Mr Vincent Spannenberg

Dr Rudzani Nemutudi

Ms Naomi Haasbroek

Ms Michelle van der Ventel-Bark

Mr William Duckitt

Mr Ambrose Yaga


The Team has the following brief:

  • Promotion of the NRF brand
  • To develop a communication strategy
  • To increase visibility of iThemba LABS
  • Positioning iThemba LABS as the hub for the subatomic physics community in South Africa
  • To improve internal communication


Various tools, both print and online, will be utilized to strengthen the key messages.   The website and brochures will be redesigned and updated.


Each department will have a communications champion who would be responsible for collecting newsworthy information and highlights for sharing on the various platforms such as the website and newsletter.


Any ideas on how we can improve communication at iThemba LABS would be welcome!

Positive Imaging: Enhancing proton therapy in the treatment of cancer

PRaVDA is a consortium of 6 universities (Lincoln, Liverpool, Birmingham, Surrey, Warwick, Cape Town), 4 NHS Trusts/Foundation Trusts, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden, and iThemba LABS, South Africa. It is supported by a translational grant from The Wellcome Trust. PRaVDA is represented in the IET’s “One Hundred Objects that Changed the World” exhibition at Savoy Place and has been exhibited at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

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