Physics Forum: The iThemba LABS fast-timing facility

May 24, 2017 @ 10:00 am
iThemba LABS, Cape Town

A new γ-ray detector array consisting of eight state-of-the-art LaBr3(Ce) (2×2”) detectors have been installed and commissioned at iThemba LABS. These LaBr3(Ce) detectors are ideal for direct fast timing applications as the fast signals allows for an excellent timing resolution FWHM < 350 ps. An array with timing resolution of only a few hundred ps allows for measurements that earlier were not possible. We will be able to perform direct measurements of lifetimes only a few hundred ps and up, we can discriminate between true --coincidences and cross-talk between detectors and even discriminate between rays and neutrons based only on time of flight. The performance of the array for these effects have already been benchmarked with radioactive sources and environmental samples with promising results, while in-beam experiment will soon commence.


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